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The Nonmetallic Tubular Alternative


Why choose tubular from Extender? 

Extender is a light weight and corrosion free tubular made of carbon fiber composite material.  The inherent low weight extends the length of any wells or replace costly corrosion resistant material.

For geothermal, carbon capture storage and oil and gas.

Illustration 2.png

Tubular for lower completion


  • Any dimensions: 12m long carbon fiber tubular  with 0,5in wall thickness

  • Specifications: >100MT in tensile and > 3000psi in pressure, 125C 

  • Application: Lower completion / reservoir liner

  • Premium connection: Standard in the industry and allows for connecting to other equipment in the liner.

  • Sand screen: The tubular can be combined with standard sand screen if required. 

Contact us for full Extender tubular specifiations


  • Lower cost: competitive compared to CRA materials

  • Light weight: 80% lighter than steel

  • Corrosion: Impervious to corrosion

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